NCC Unveils Five-Year Strategic Management Plan For Enhanced Service Delivery

NCC Unveils Five-Year Strategic Management Plan For Enhanced Service Delivery
The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has announced the adoption of a new Strategic Management Plan (SMP) covering the period 2020-2024. This new plan is part of the Commission’s ongoing commitment to strategic planning, which began with the adoption of its first SMP in 2002.
The SMP 2020-2024 replaces the Commission’s previous plan, SMP 2014-2018, which expired at the end of 2018. The development of the new plan involved extensive internal and external consultations to ensure that it aligns with the Commission’s mandate and addresses key issues facing the Nigerian communications industry.
Key features of the SMP 2020-2024 include a review of NCC’s Mission and Vision statements, as well as its Core Values, which serve as the guiding principles for the organization. The plan also includes a comprehensive analysis of NCC’s internal and external business environment, including a stakeholder analysis to identify key stakeholder needs and expectations.
The SMP outlines strategic objectives and initiatives that will be implemented over the next five years to achieve the desired outcomes. These initiatives are aimed at enhancing the effectiveness of the Commission’s service delivery and ensuring that it remains responsive to the evolving needs of the Nigerian communications industry.
To measure the effectiveness of the Strategic Plan and the performance of the Commission, key performance indicators have been identified. These indicators will be used to track progress and make necessary adjustments to ensure that the objectives of the plan are met.
Speaking on the adoption of the new SMP, a representative of the NCC emphasized the Commission’s commitment to strategic planning as a key driver of its service delivery process. The SMP 2020-2024 is expected to guide the Commission’s operations over the next five years, ensuring that it continues to play a leading role in the development of the Nigerian communications industry.

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