NCC Aligns Strategic Vision With FMoCIDE Blueprint For Thriving Digital Economy

NCC Aligns Strategic Vision With FMoCIDE Blueprint For Thriving Digital Economy
The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), as an agency under the Federal Ministry of Communications, Innovation and Digital Economy (FMoCIDE), has announced its strategic vision aligned with the FMoCIDE’s strategic blueprint to ensure a thriving Nigerian digital economy.
**FMoCIDE’s Strategic Blueprint:**
The FMoCIDE’s strategic effort consists of five elements: one foundation and four pillars, focusing on knowledge, policy, infrastructure, ICE (Innovation, Capital and Entrepreneurship), and trade.
**NCC’s Strategic Focus Areas:**
In support of this strategic vision, the NCC’s strategic focus is driven by recognizing the unique perspectives and expectations of its stakeholders, including licensees and industry, consumers, and the government.
Licensees & Industry:
– Improve industry resilience
– Enhance delivery of regulatory services
– Enable cross-industry innovation
– Improve quality of experience
– Grow telecoms industry
– Enable backbone to support the Government’s digital public infrastructure drive
– Bridge the rural-urban digital divide
**The EVC’s Vision:**
Dr. Aminu Maida, the Executive Vice Chairman (EVC/CEO) of the NCC, lays out his vision in full support of the above aims by seeking collaboration of all stakeholders to drive optimal quality of experience for consumers across all touchpoints. This includes expanding infrastructure, fostering innovation, and ensuring sustainable growth of the telecommunications sector.
**Factors Driving the Commission’s Leadership:**
1. **People:** Investing in skills and capabilities to drive changes in the telecoms industry.
2. **Collaboration:** Taking a co-creative approach to regulatory activities and intervention initiatives.
3. **Data Driven:** Making data-driven decisions to promote transparency, innovation, and growth.
4. **Compliance:** Monitoring licensee activities to ensure regulatory obligations are met and drive improved service delivery.
5. **Digitalisation:** Leveraging technology solutions to optimize processes and enhance regulatory efficiency.
The NCC’s strategic alignment with the FMoCIDE’s blueprint underscores its commitment to driving a vibrant digital economy in Nigeria. By focusing on key areas of industry resilience, consumer experience, and government support, the NCC aims to position Nigeria as a leader in the digital space, promoting innovation, growth, and inclusivity.

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