First Lady, Oluremi Tinubu Says Its Time To Re-Orientate The Youth

First Lady, Oluremi Tinubu Says Its Time To Re-Orientate The Youth

The First Lady of the Federal Republic of Nigeria Senator Oluremi Tinubu has called on all women, especially mothers to see to the re-orientation of the youth in the nation to get them back on the path of good values and morals.

She was speaking while playing host to the National Executive of the National Council for Women Societies, NCWS in her office at the State House Abuja on Wednesday.

The First Lady pointed out that as mothers, the Council and indeed all women must be deliberate about seeking the youth and get them out of the clutches of the negative aspects of the social media.
“The youth must realize who they are, their true identity as Nigerians and not the borrowed foreign culture. I remember that growing up when there is a birthday party, we all as children will eat from the same tray and this enhanced our oneness then”.
“At that time, the whole village raised a child”.
Senator Oluremi Tinubu was of the opinion that Nigerians have what it takes to help this nation out of trying times which is basically compassion and love for one another.
“We cannot wait for Government to do everything. We must lend a helping hand to everyone around us”.
The First lady emphasized that she is looking forward to a stronger NCWS especially realizing their strength in times past.
In her remarks, the National President of the NCWS Hajia Adamu Lami Lau promised to partner with the First lady on the Renewed Hope Initiative pet project.
She said the Council is ready to take the message of Hope, Unity, Peace and Prosperity from the First Lady to all the Nigerian Women.

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