President Tinubu Should Understand Security Is Key To Nigeria’s Economic Revival-ISAN

President Tinubu Should Understand Security Is Key To Nigeria’s Economic Revival-ISAN
The Independent Shareholders Association of Nigeria, (ISAN) has said that it would seem that President Bola Tinubu has not grasp the main key to the nation’s economic revival,saying that the various problems bedeviling the country can be ameliorated if the insecurity is tackled.
In a chat with some Journalists on the economic situation in the country, ISAN  new National Co-ordinator,Mr Moses Igbrude maintained that whether it is to tackle the impacts of the subsidy removal on refined petroleum,or to mitigate the bad impacts of the single window exchange rate on  Nigeria or to boost export potential of the country to tap into opportunities offered by the much weakened Naira that the security issue holds the key.
ISAN which is the biggest shareholder organisation in Africa therefore urged the President to have a re-think on his economic strategies,stressing that his recent declaration of a state of emergency on food production and agriculture generally would be cosmetic until the needful is done.
Mr Igbrude declared that there is need to effect a total reformation of the security architecture of the nation and that its no-longer plausible for us to be bothered with the continuous killing daily in the middle-belt or elsewhere.
He hinted that for Tinubu to succeed he must begin to show the nation in clear terms that he could handle the nation’s security challenges in the overall interest of the nation,maintaining that to manage the economy effectively it must be clear to all and sundry that Nigeria is not business as usual.
Going on, the ISAN helmsman stated that for the forex challenge to be ameliorated that the nation needs to think outside the box as he wondered why our business need so much dollars while most of our imports come in from China.Therefore he urged the government to make deals with China and other countries of the World where our imports come from so that we can pay for goods  in other  mutually agreed amenable currencies.
According to him this will enable our economy and help us resolve our predicament in the overall betterment of our situation,saying that its sad that we should base all our imports on a currency we don’t produce nor have control over.
The National Co-ordinator apparently feels that although the nation’s economy is in the woods with over N80 trillion debts that the government has a lot room to manage economy,saying that even the much vilified ”JAPA” syndrome offers opportunity as a nation to become productive and strong in the export market as Nigerians in the diaspora would need our agricultural products,manufactured goods and other social services etc.
Hence his advice that the government should do all within its powers to discourage more firms from leaving Nigeria and also encourage more companies to list on the floor of our multiple exchanges,stressing that this can be achieved by moral-suasion,tax rebates and tax wavers as well as tax holidays etc.

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