ARIAN President, Kehinde Advocates For Establishment Of Specialized Training School For Insurance Marketers

ARIAN President, Kehinde Advocates For Establishment Of Specialized Training School For Insurance Marketers

In order to optimize the benefits of insurance and ensure effective communication with potential clients, there is an urgent need for a specialized training school for insurance marketers in the country.

A dedicated training school would provide insurance marketers with comprehensive education on insurance principles, policies, regulations, and effective marketing strategies to acquaint the public with the role and benefits of insurance in an economy.

This knowledge equips them to communicate more effectively and assist potential clients in making informed decisions.

This view was expressed by the National Vice President, Association of Registered Insurance Agents of Nigeria, (ARIAN), Mr. Jegede Kehinde Olatunji

Mr. Olatunji hinted that training insurance marketers bridges the knowledge gap between Registered Insurance Agents and Insurance Brokers as it enhances their understanding of the insurance industry, enabling them to better navigate the complexities with confidence and professionalism.

A training school Olatunji further maintained, would serve as a platform for continuous professional development as well as ensure Insurance Marketers stay updated with the latest industry trends, regulations, and marketing techniques that would provide them accurate information and command high standards of service.

Additionally, the establishment of a specialized training school for insurance marketers would further bridge the knowledge gap, ensuring better understanding and increased awareness of the benefits of insurance. Olatunji stated.

Olatunji in a chat with a cross section of the Finance and Business Online Publishers ( FiBOP) members shed light on the crucial role of insurance in managing risks while highlighting its numerous benefits for individuals and businesses alike.

He explained that as insurance awareness grows, efforts are being made to reach out to the informal sector, which is increasingly recognizing the importance of insuring their products and assets. Insurance he insists, provides individuals and businesses with financial security against potential losses caused by accidents, theft, natural disasters, or health-related issues. It acts as a safety net, ensuring that policyholders are not financially devastated when unforeseen events occur.

By transferring risks to insurance companies, individuals and businesses can focus on their core activities and goals. Insurance experts assess and manage risks on their behalf, allowing policyholders to navigate their daily lives and operations with greater confidence.

Insurance he declared, offers peace of mind and security to individuals and businesses by reducing uncertainty and anxiety,; knowing they are protected against potential risks by allowing policyholders to concentrate on their daily activities without constant worry about financial setbacks.
Insurance contributes to the stability of the economy by sharing and distributing risks and by preventing the concentration of financial losses on individuals or businesses which helps companies maintain economic balance and prevent severe disruptions.

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