NCC Cracks Down On Unauthorized Use Of 5.4 GHz Frequency Band

NCC Cracks Down On Unauthorized Use Of 5.4 GHz Frequency Band
The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has issued a stern warning to all unlicensed operators using the 5.4 GHz frequency band to cease all transmissions immediately. The Commission’s enforcement notice gives these operators a 14-day ultimatum to vacate the band and cease all unauthorized activities.
The 5.4 GHz frequency band, ranging from 5.430 725GHz, is reserved for specific licensed operations and any unauthorized use constitutes a violation of regulatory guidelines. The NCC has stated that failure to comply with this notice will result in severe enforcement actions, including prosecution, fines, and confiscation of equipment used for illegal transmissions.
The NCC has emphasized the importance of adhering to regulatory provisions, especially concerning frequency bands allocated for specific purposes. The Guidelines for Deployment of Broadband Services on the 5.2-5.9GHz band outline the proper procedures for obtaining authorization for the use of the 5GHz band. These guidelines are available on the NCC website for reference.
The NCC’s crackdown on unauthorized use of the 5.4 GHz frequency band underscores its commitment to ensuring compliance with regulatory standards and maintaining order in the telecommunications sector. Operators are urged to abide by these regulations to avoid facing severe penalties and disruptions to their operations.
For more information and guidance on regulatory matters related to frequency bands, operators can visit the NCC website or contact the Commission directly.

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