The Call to Suspend FIIRO Boss Hand work of Mischief Markers Says Union

The Call to Suspend FIIRO Boss Hand work of Mischief Markers Says Union

With reference to the media publication of punch newspaper dated 2nd January, 2020 on the Ph. D Degree saga in FIIRO, a faction of the agency’s union, (some notable members of Senior Staff Association (SSAUTHRIAI) FIIRO Branch whom the said publication claimed are behind the call for the suspension of the Acting DG of FIIRO  has been declared as false.

According to the source, who pleaded anonymity, “The information in the script did not originate from the senior staff association, which was neither the opinion/resolution of the union executives nor an agreement by the general Congress. It is a mere pursuit of personal interest by the writer of the published script which is a clear fact that some notable individuals who have vested interest in the seat of FIIRO Chief Executive are bent on using media publications to rubbish and tarnish the image of Dr. C. C. Igwe who has a vast knowledge and is capable of taking the institute to the next level where she wants to be.”

Investigation conducted by concerned members of the institute shows that the incumbent chairman of senior staff association, FIIRO Branch, Mr Togunde Mumeen is on his own in the report he gave to punch newspaper.

“There is also an allegation of financial inducement on the union chairman of the union to the tune of N2million or more to enable him forward such mischievous report against FIIRO Boss. Reputable individuals in the ministry and federal organisations assigned to look into this matter. There is no indication that the senior staff association is in support of this obnoxious report  and have therefore dissociated themselves and also from the planned action of two weeks time as said by the chairman. It is unfair and saddening for a union branch chairman saddled with the responsibility of defending the welfare of staff to be engaged in such act and endangering the working careers of his fellow executives and the entire union at large.”

The executive members of Senior Staff Association, FIIRO Branch herby use this platform to dissociate itself from the publication in the punch newspaper against FIIRO Boss and also appeal to Minister of Science and Technology, ICPC and other notable government functionaries to ignore and disregard the report in the punch newspaper.


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