10 Year Master Plan Implementation To  Attract More Investors

10 Year Master Plan Implementation To  Attract More Investors

SEC, Ms. Mary Uduk

The Securities and Exchange Commission, SEC, has said that implementation of the 10- year capital market master plan would make the capital markets more attractive, as investors stand to gain more.

Acting Director General, Ms. Mary Uduk who stated this in a New Year Message to Capital market operators and stakeholders, eulogises them for their relentless service towards the growth and development of the market.

She Operators and Stakeholders, have immensely contributed towards the development of the Capital market and enjoined them to be committed to the Nigerian Capital Market Project adding that it is time to make all the difference to make the vision of a world-class market a reality.

 “The year 2019 saw us record tremendous results in a number of initiatives largely derived from the 10-year Capital Market Master Plan. These initiatives have helped make the market more attractive, efficient and properly positioned to harness its true potentials.

“Through the implementation of interventions such as the Electronic Dividend Mandate Management System (E-DMMS) and the Identity Management System, we have made reasonable success in reducing the huge quantum of unclaimed dividends”, she noted.

Uduk said that as the capital market journeys through the Fourth Industrial Revolution, it has developed a roadmap to guide the industry towards innovation, and embrace a technology-driven approach in the regulatory oversight of our market.

“These landmarks would not be possible without our collective resourcefulness and relentless efforts. The Commission values and appreciates the selfless service and dedication that the capital market community and its stakeholders have invested in various Committees and Teams.

“The new year 2020, which also signifies the commencement of a new decade, will see us embark on a number of programmes geared towards taking our market to lofty heights.

“I enjoin us all to see this as a call to renew our passion and commitment to building the capital market of our dreams: a world-class capital market – founded on the values of partnership and cooperation that has helped us stand the test of time. The capital market of our dreams can only be achieved through harmonious partnership and our continuous cooperation” she stated.


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