Dangote, Partners GE  To Digitize Cement Plants’ Operations

Dangote, Partners GE  To Digitize Cement Plants’ Operations

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Dangote Cement Plc has signed an agreement with GE to modernize seven GE LM6000PC Aeroderivative gas turbines and install the Asset Performance Management (APM) digital solution at Dangote Cement plants located in Obajana and Ibese, Nigeria.

The terms of the deal also include Service Agreement Extension for additional 50,000 operating hours for each of the seven GE IM6000PC Aeroderivative Gas Turbines; GE’s APM digital solution will help reduce unplanned downtime and enhance operational performance; GE’s total plant solutions will improve power supply efficiency and help extend the life of the cement plants.

The deployment of the GE’s APM digital solution is to reduce unplanned downtime and enhance performance at its two cement plants.

APM leverages cutting-edge technology to monitor the performance of power generation assets to reduce downtime, avoid turbines damage and remotely predict and resolve issues.

The digital solution sensors will be installed not only on the seven Aeroderivative turbines, but also on their associated generators and gear boxes to predict and accurately diagnose issues with greater accuracy before they occur.

The project includes extending the current service agreement for an additional 50,000 operating hours for the seven GE LM6000PC Aeroderivative Gas Turbines installed at the sites. GE’s total plant solutions will improve efficiency, reliability essential to continuous operations and the plants’ business strategy.

Commenting on the agreement, Operations Director, Dangote Cement Plc, Ravi Sood: “Power supply is both a key input and a major cost  in our manufacturing process. Operational performance is crucial to our cement plant’s overall productivity, directly affecting end products.

“Being at the front of cement production in Africa, we believe extending our services agreement with GE and the introduction of digital solutions will allow us to improve efficiencies, anticipate further reductions in unplanned downtime and become more self-sufficient in power production in a country which, with approximately 190 million inhabitants, is the most populous country in Africa and the seventh most populous country in the world”, Sood added

Similarly, CEO for GE’s Gas Power businesses in sub–Saharan Africa,  Elisee Sezan, said: “Energy infrastructure is getting smarter, and digital solutions allow not only the shift from traditional calendar-based repairs to predictive maintenance, but they also increase power asset availability and reliability.

“We are proud to continue our 13-year collaboration with Dangote Cement to help them support Nigeria and other African countries towards achieving self-reliance and self-sufficiency in the world’s most basic commodities”, the technology expert added.

The agreement underscores GE’s commitment to work collaboratively with its customers using the APM software to optimize their performance of assets, increase reliability and availability, minimize costs and reduce operational risks.

It would be recalled that earlier this year, GE announced the fisrt digital solutions order in Sub-Saharan Africa for Azito in Ivory Coast improving power plant output, reliability, availability and operational performance.

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