EU, Partner on Job Creation for Youths

EU, Partner on Job Creation for Youths

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The European Union and, an Information Communication Technology firm has signed a Memorandum of Understanding, MOU, to collaborate and bring about sustainable and inclusive growth by empowering youths in Nigeria.

Speaking in Lagos recently after a meeting with the European Union team, the Chief Executive Office, CEO, of, Anyanso Mma,  said in line his organization’s focus the partnership the EU, would create new economic activities that would engage the teaming youths of unemployed population in  the country.

Mma said the agreement which is expected to apply in all technology driven sectors of the economy would help grow the economy and the country’s gross domestic product, GDP.

He said Information Technology drives all businesses now, adding that for our youth to do very well at this age they must pay attention to technology.

“The youth must pay adequate attention to ICT for them to be competitive and even achieve much at this time and stage in life. In this regard we intend to work with some secondary schools, located in Lagos where we will set up digital laboratories and technological equipment that would enable the youths learn at the tender stage.

“We are also planning on training some teachers, especially science and mathematics teachers. Part of what we intend to do is to connect the teachers and their students to digital libraries that exist all over the world,” Mma said.

According to the CEO of, the firm is working with EU in the area of Returnees, after they had profiled and seen that we have a lot to offer. “The EU watched us, checked our records and documents and believed that we have what it takes to reintegrate these returnees.

He said that what the EU do before was to give financial assistance to these returnees and instead of using the money to look for what to do in Nigeria, they use the money to finance their trip back to the same country where they repatriated or to a new country.

“So the EU would now use our platform to reach these returnees. We have engage some of them in our e-commerce business as dispatch riders or as technicians in the motorcycle assembly plant and so on.

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