BudgIT Launches FG Budget Dashboard; Gives Citizens Access to Disaggregated Budget Data. 

BudgIT Launches FG Budget Dashboard; Gives Citizens Access to Disaggregated Budget Data. 



BudgIT, a leading public data organisation focused on raising active citizens and civic leaders to improve governance by bridging the information gap between the government and citizens, has launched its interactive FG Budget Dashboard, a web-based platform that provides quick access to the Federal Government’s budget data at a disaggregated level across all Ministries, Departments and Agencies.


Through this platform, stakeholders, including citizens, civil society organizations and the media, are now equipped with accurate data to engage government agencies, political representatives and policymakers. The FG Budget Dashboard organizes budget information through quick analysis and summaries with corresponding infographics to simplify and present seemingly complex data in easily digestible and comprehensible bits and formats.


Similarly, data on this platform can be leveraged by analysts, researchers, the media, and the general public to monitor the budget process at micro and macro levels, strengthen public debate and engagement, and improve participatory governance by providing the instrument to hold state actors accountable.


‘The launch of the FG Budget Portal is a realisation of two of BudgIT’s core mandates: to improve budget access and enhance budget literacy.’ Said Iniobong Usen, Head of Research and Policy Advisory, BudgIT.


The FG budget dashboard also functions as a lens through which citizens can examine Federal Government budgets more closely and in a less complex format, allowing Nigerians to determine whether their interests have been adequately represented.


We, therefore, urge citizens, civil society organisations, and the media to utilize the platform to gain access to this disaggregated Federal Government data in order to participate in governance in an effective and informed manner.


The dashboard can be accessed here: https://budgit.org/fg-budget-dashboard/

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